St Andrew

In 1906 members of St Paul’s, Kersal Moor, decided to acquire a place for worship for people living in the Rainsough area of the parish. A former aviary was found and become known as the ‘tin mission’. Discussion about the building of a new Church began in October 1949 and by Saturday 25th September 1954 a large procession of people had walked from the tin mission to the opening ceremony of their lovely new Church in Woodward Road. Fundraising for the project eventually raised only £3,440 of the eventual cost of £5,310. To make up the difference two loans had been obtained, one of which involved three church members (wardens Mr J.P. Riding and Mr F. Crowther and church secretary Mr Jack Armour) standing guarantor for the loan by remortgaging their houses. That God wanted to honour the project was made clear in that in the end no-one had to sell their house. An advert appeared in the local press saying that a Mr C R Wilkinson had left £2,500 plus property in Rinsing to be sold to fund the building of a new Christian Church in Prestwich. The committee were granted the money, which meant St Andrew’s could pay off its debts and even have funds to begin its mission. Later the building was extended and modified for increasing use and remains a busy place all through the week. Exactly 50 years later to the day on Saturday 25th September 2004, another lively procession to the Church started a very full weekend of Jubilee celebration activities. In the Sunday morning service everyone reflected on St Andrew’s ongoing mission with a new assertion, in song, that ‘All are welcome in this place’.

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